An IIoT Solution that turns Industrial Automation into a Profit Engine


Schneider Electric, with #InnovationAtEveryLevel as its marching mission, introduces EcoStruxure Profit Advisor.

This innovative solution will empower industrial customers to measure and control profitability of their operations in real time.

Developed in partnership with Seeq to boost data-driven decision making, EcoStruxure Profit Advisor uses Big Data Analytics to measure financial performance of an industrial operation – from an asset level to the process unit, plant area, plant site and enterprise levels.

Energy, material and production data can be used to measure and control real-time profit performance of every plant asset. This patented approach connects real time accounting matrix all the way through to the operational data.

On-premise or cloud-enabled, it works with any process historian to mine both historical and real-time data. The software processes the dynamic data through Schneider Electric’s proprietary segment-specific accounting algorithms to determine real-time operational profitability and potential savings.

Overall, the software provides:
• Historical Data Review
• Real Time Performance Indication
• Profit Planning

With an understanding of how each asset and process contribute to the bottom line, industrial customers can take informed decisions and actions that lead to improved production outcomes – and consequently measurable operational profitability improvements – safely.

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