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Last Updated:  June 15, 2017


All contents posted express the viewpoints of their authors and are not reviewed for correctness or accuracy by Controls Journal Team. Any information, opinions, comments, solutions or other commentary expressed by posts authors / users are not endorsed or recommended by Controls Journal unless otherwise stated.

For posted events, company listings, and job listings, it may include a link to a website which is not related to Controls Journal. We do not control nor review the content or operation of that website. We can’t guarantee the neither the accuracy, authenticity, nor security of that website. We urges you to exercise caution when accessing any unfamiliar web site. If you feel any link is leading to a spam or fishing site, please notify us, we will be checking the links at random from time to time and removing any inappropriate ones, also if you feel an entry is inappropriate, please notify us.


  1. Profile Page
  2. Posting Articles and Press Releases
  3. Submitting job listing
  4. Submitting an event
  5. Listing a company and associated offices
  6. General Information:

1- Profile Page

The profile page is your image at Controls Journal as seen by others. We recommend:

  • Using real name. We all aim to become professional in what we know and do, there is nothing to hide. Be you.
  • Using real profile photo. Inappropriate profile pictures will be deleted.
  • Your bio is important. People will read your professional bio, a top-notch one will make people care about you and read what you write.

 2- Posting Articles and Press Releases:

All members of Controls Journal can contribute through publishing articles, opinions or press releases on the platform. Please read on to find out the recommended type of content and expected audience.

a- General Posting Protocols:

  • Set an attractive title.
  • Hook your readers with the first sentence starting with:
    • Quote,
    • Statistic,
    • Thought-provoking question, or
    • A story.
  • Good grammar.
  • Make every word and sentence count.
  • Make a unique post, even if the idea is not.
  • A good conclusion.
  • Any photos used or videos linked to should be properly credited and linked back to their sources, unless all rights are owned by the user / author.

b- Articles and Press releases guidelines:

Personal story – We believe most companies craft their press releases carefully and most of them want to post their press releases on how great their company or products are and why they’re a game-changing companies. The plain truth is, no one likes reading that and it usually comes off as disingenuous. Instead, the best performing articles about companies are stories told from a personal perspective, about their trials or obstacles that they had to overcome as a team or leader. Professionals of industries served by Controls Journal want to read relatable and human stories, they don’t want to read simple press releases which most of companies do. Make it worth reading as less press releases has ever gone viral, think about it.

Criticism: We believe and love, and so do most of the readers when thought leaders, and contributors give much needed criticism about a certain aspect of what companies, or the industry in general is doing. This encourages discussion and helps us all become a little wiser. We encourage a well-founded criticism (be cool, not mean) to make it constructive.

Controversial topics: the best articles basically are the controversial ones. It pushes the limits of a topic that is hot on people’s minds.

Analysis articles: The industries covered by Controls journal continue to grow worldwide, and there are many dense topics in these industries already. Many of them are specific to a certain technology like solar energy and internet of things as an example. Therefore, analyses give us much needed insight into the inner workings of these industries. After all, a deeper understanding of how such industries work is what Controls Journal is about.

How To articles: How To Guides is another type of welcomed articles. They give tips, advice, and guidance to people on various topics related to how to maintain a certain system, or control efficiently another, even selecting the best solution that meets their needs.

Other types: we all love to experiment with our content to send a certain message to our audience. Be creative.

c- Branding guidelines

At Controls Journal we say it is okay for an article to serve a person or organization’s marketing agenda, however we want our platform to be a space for insightful discussions, not surreptitious self-promotion. As such, all content must follow these typical branding guidelines:

  • Users’ affiliation must be stated in their profile description.
  • Any conflicts of interest must be clearly stated at the beginning of the article. At random we won’t block any content unless it violates the terms of content restrictions as a community.
  • Call-to-actions are allowed to a certain level. We have the right to reject any submission at will. We want the platform to have a competitive approach in the ears of its audience and not a bazar.
  • Articles used as a platform to promote events, products, and/or services are allowed taking into consideration other terms within this guideline document.

d- On company branding

  • Brand-centric articles are allowed but it has to be informative, meaningful and useful.
  • If the brand is mentioned quite often compared to another brand, the article will be rejected.

e- On personal branding

Personal branding articles are allowed as long as the content is educational and relevant to readers. A personal branding piece seeks to establish the writer as a thought leader or communicate practical advice learned from the writer’s experiences.

If a self-promoting article mentions the author’s brand as part of a list, it must also mention competing brands. An exception can be made if the brand mention belongs to a company that no longer exists.

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3-    Submitting Job Listing:

a.     When listing a new job opening, the users are responsible for:

  • Quality, safety and legality of the business operation they represent.
  • The accuracy of job listing information.
  • Must be a proper employment opportunity.

b. We retain the right to refuse job listings submitted that:

  • Are not related to the industries covered by Controls Journal.
  • Are not from a legal entity. No job offers from individuals will be accepted. There are two options provided within the form, either a direct company or a recruitment company representing an entity related to the industries served by Controls Journal.
  • Include information which is offensive to public order and morals, or found inappropriate by Controls Journal team.
  • We discover that it includes false information.
  • Potentially insult other companies.
  • Use copyright protected documents and other materials without the permission of the original copyright holders. The users should be liable for any sort of materials used within a job listing submission form.

c. Job Submission Rules

  • All job listings must refer to a specific position.
  • Job listings must not contain multiple positions (each must be created as a separate job listing).
  • Make sure the Job titles are not so long and doesn’t contain symbols (stars, asterisks), ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, or information that belongs in the job description such as wage, benefits, location etc.
  • Job listings must not require the user to “email for more details”.

d. Advice on listing a job

For best results, we recommend you to include the following information in your job listing:

  • Details of the position – Include why the work advertised sounds interesting or attractive.
  • How many people hiring if more than one opening.
  • Conditions – Working hours, location etc.
  • Benefits: health insurance, commutation allowance, flex-time, transportation costs.
  • Company description and culture.
  • Job description.
  • Qualifications (required and preferred).
  • Ideal Candidate.

e. General:

  • You can edit or update the job listings from the user dashboard.
  • For submitting similar job listings, you can edit an existing one and submit as new listing within the form making it convenient not to fill the form again.
  • All listings will remain active for a period of 30 days from the date of initial submission. When expired it will show in user dashboard under “Posted Jobs” as expired. You can refresh the same and it will be extended for new 30 days period.

4- Submitting an Event:

Acceptable Events: Informational events, seminars and meetings related to the industries served by Controls Journal.

Unacceptable event posting: Events not related to industries served by Controls Journal, and any type of content that violates our terms of posting, or any legal ownership of any other party.

5- Listing a company in Controls Journal directory:

  • All users are encouraged to submit the company they represent.
  • Prior to submission, we recommend you search the current directory if the company is already listed, and claim it to be added under your account.
  • Already claimed companies will not be forwarded to a new user at request, we will notify the requester with further details.
  • We recommend users to fill all company contact details to make it easier for others to find it by filtering the existing listings.
  • Only companies that serve within the industries covered by Controls Journal will be accepted.
  • A user can add offices for the same company from user dashboard, offices can be within the same country in different states or in different countries and cities around the world.
  • Any links provided that violates our terms of posting will lead to rejecting and deleting the listing.

6-  General Information:

a.     Adding Videos:

Controls Journal accepts links to YouTube videos and recommend all users who would like to share or include a video within an article, press release, company profile, topics, questions, and answers to questions to upload their videos to YouTube and link to it by adding YouTube link (accessible from editing toolbar within posting forms).

b.  After submission

  • Submitting an article, an event, a new job listing, and adding a company with associated office requires our approval. The content submitted will be checked by Controls Journal team before it is reflected on site.
  • It would take up to 24 hours for a certain content to be shown on the site. The user will not be notified upon acceptance, rejection or publication of the content, it is recommended to check the site and the user dashboard frequently. For rejected content it will not be shown anymore on site including user dashboard for editing or as a record.
  • If you have any questions after submitting any content or you wish to delete anything you submit from our site, please contact us.

c.     Editing

  • All submitted and approved content can be edited from user dashboard.
  • Upon submitting an edited content, it will be checked again by Controls Journal team before the changes are reflected on the site.

d.     Deleting or Suspending of an account:

We reserve the rights to suspend and block any account that violates any terms within our terms of use.

For any functionality related queries, please feel free to contact us with your questions or direct messaging us through either one of our social community (preferred Facebook messenger) and we will guide you through the process.

Community guidelines incorporates Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.