Deutsche Windtechnik: New controller allows more stable operation of Woodward frequency converters


Deutsche Windtechnik X-Service is now offering upgrades with CSC4 control units for all Senvion MM series wind turbine systems that were manufactured in 2007 or later. The new controllers not only prevent problems with the converter. Yield losses caused by increasingly limited availability of spare parts or even having to replace the entire converter can also be prevented, thereby saving considerable costs. The manufacturer-independent service provider is looking to expand its range of services to include the complete MD series in the medium term.

The converter manufacturer Woodward has developed the controller upgrade CSC4 for wind turbines to meet current demands of grid operators as well as to prevent problems with spare parts availability. The reason for this is that some of the approximately 400 components are no longer manufactured. Compared to the predecessor model CSC3, its functionality has also been significantly improved.

CSC4 devices have improved data analysis and user interface

Woodward has successfully reduced the number of components to a minimum in the new generation of devices, and this greatly simplifies troubleshooting and spare parts supply. In addition, the new control units have higher resolutions than their predecessors and their data recorders record more information, both of which further improve error analysis. The SystemTool now provides simple and convenient direct data access.

Image left: Digital model of the new Woodward CSC4 control module; Image right: CSC4 wind converter at successful field test (Source: Deutsche Windtechnik)
Image left: Digital model of the new Woodward CSC4 control module; Image right: CSC4 wind converter at successful field test (Source: Deutsche Windtechnik)

Preventing yield losses

The control units can be replaced on-site by Deutsche Windtechnik teams that have been trained by Woodward. Once the units are installed, service technicians can carry out any future updates to the CSC4 software quickly and easily. “Yield losses caused
by spare parts being unavailable or due to having to replace the entire converter would be much more expensive. For this reason, we strongly recommend the upgrade with a view towards the future supply of spare parts,” said Dirk Henning, head of the engineering department at Deutsche Windtechnik X-Service.

Pilot project on the Swabian Alb

A pilot project conducted by Deutsche Windtechnik in Weilermerkingen (Baden-Württemberg) has now demonstrated that the new control units prevent failures and problems with the converter. Converter faults occurred frequently during recent years in the three wind turbines and individual components had to be replaced. “When we upgraded to the CSC4 models in September 2016, the problems stopped,” said plant manager Peter Symmank from CSO Energy GmbH. “The systems are now much more stable.”

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