Impressively simple BACnet single-room controller by SAUTER


Source: SAUTER

HVAC control in individual rooms is outstandingly easy with the lean SAUTER ecos311 room controller. BACnet communication enables energy consumption to be optimized in a demand-controlled manner at the highest level of comfort.

When small and medium-sized installations require a cost-efficient solution or subtle refurbishment, a compact, easy-to-install room controller offers many benefits. The new SAUTER ecos311 now provides planners with a freely programmable BACnet MS/TP controller from SAUTER.

Economical HVAC compact controller

   The SAUTER ecos311 single-room controller is perfect for automating the heating, ventilation and cooling, and ensuring comfort, in offices and hotel or hospital rooms. It features all the interfaces required for this. If needed, up to two SAUTER ecoLink I/O modules can be added, via the integrated interface, to the solution for controlling lights and blinds. Multiple room controllers can be combined to create room segments and zones by means of the master-slave function.

Efficient all-round package

    SAUTER ecos311 optimises energy consumption with the presence function, window contact monitoring, demand-based fan speed switching and time-dependent setpoints. Up to four control loops can be mapped as BACnet loop objects for the heating/cooling sequences. The integrated Real Time Clock allows the use of local BACnet time programmes and calendars and even works reliably after a power failure. SAUTER ecos311 supports the Change of Value (COV) transmission type for optimised integration of visualisation software, such as SAUTER Vision Center or moduWeb Vision. This relieves the data communication on BACnet MS/TP.

Freely programmable applications

    The programmability of the SAUTER ecos311 means that applications can be implemented for fan coil units, chilled and heated ceilings, radiators, simple room ventilation, or volume flow and CO2 control. Programming is performed with the familiar SAUTER CASE Suite software package that provides all of the required function modules. Commissioning the controller is simple for the installer, thanks to tried and tested applications and libraries.

Easy upgrading

    SAUTER ecos311 is ideal for migrating room control from SAUTER ecos20*, or another proprietary standard, to BACnet MS/TP. For this purpose, the component has the same compact size and terminals as the predecessor in the SAUTER ecos 2 family.

State-of-the-art room operation

    SAUTER ecos311 has also proven itself to be simple and open when combined with the sophisticated room operating units of the SAUTER EY-modulo 5 system family. And with cutting-edge room operating units such as SAUTER ecoUnit 3 or SAUTER ecoUnit 1 featuring EnOcean wireless technology, operating the room automation through individual adjustment of setpoints is child’s play for room users.

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